Meet Dr. Martin

For more than twenty-five years, Dr. Angela Martin has devoted herself to perfecting smiles, prioritizing a holistic approach in orthodontics. Her method not only focuses on aligning teeth but also on preserving facial youthfulness by maintaining natural dental structure and addressing age-related facial changes.

Dr.  Martin’s pursuit of excellence has taken him around the world to learn from pioneers like Dr. Chris Chang of Taiwan, renowned for revolutionizing orthodontics. Through innovative techniques she achieves subtle facial enhancements, enhancing smiles and providing lip support without invasive procedures.

With extensive experience in the Invisalign aligner system, Dr. Martin can tailor treatment to each patient’s needs. Beyond her professional life, she finds fulfillment in spending time with her husband and children. They have also embraced pet companionship, welcoming two dogs into their home, and enjoy exploring hobbies such as hiking and camping together.